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My sister's best friend
My sister was 50 and had a party.

I danced with her best friend and we got talking.

Brenda was about my age and single, I was unaccompanied at the party and booked into the hotel where the party took place.

At about 11pm we snuck off and I drove her home.

We drank a fair bit of wine and she said there was no way I could drive back to the hotel.

I assumed it was another couch job although she seemed genuinely interested in chatting with me.

At some point she announced that it was bed time, not because she was tired but fed up with waiting for me to make a pass at her.

So we strolled into her bedroom and she showed me a dressing room, in which I stripped.

I wandered into the bedroom and she had lit candles and was sitting up in bed, with the covers just over her boobs.

As I walked in she gave me a come hither finger and I slid into bed.

She was warm and cuddly.

I discovered that she had had a vanilla husband who just lay on top, poked her, came and went to sleep.

She wasn't really sure what orgasms were all about.

She was very clingy and clearly wanted whatever I had to offer.

Instead of any more talking I kissed her on the lips very softly and for quite a long time.

She was very receptive almost anxious with anticipation, having had no sex at all for years.

I licked her ears and rolled her onto her front.

I kissed her neck and ran my tongue down her spine - she liked that.

I did it again and she physically shook in response.

When I got to the soft patch at the top of her bum and licked into the crack, she groaned in appreciation.

I pulled her nightie from under the pillow and used it to drag over her entire length.

Having eased her legs a little bit apart, the nightie started under her foot and slithered up her inside leg, dragged into her bum crack and all the way up her spine, which I kissed again.

Then we did the other foot and inside leg, finishing with a deep neck kiss.

As the nightie dragged down this time, quite slowly, her bum lifted as the silk fell through her crack again.

I dangled the silky shoulder strap over her pussy and I thought she was going to erupt.

She groaned and wriggled and wouund her fingers around in ecstasy.

I turned her over on her back and worked her nipples with the silk while I kissed her lips.

She did not use her tongue and seemd quite surprised when I pushed in, it took a while for her to get the idea and then would not let go !

The nipples were hard and responded well to to some light finger massage and squeezing, the tits were full and quite firm for her age, but not in any way big enough to be really saggy.

I noticed she had been bikini waxed and her bush was very tidy, the hair was also cropped quite short, her pubis was quite pronounced and the hips went up again as I kissed from her nipples all the way down to the hair.

She was torn between egging me on and just taking it all in and enjoying it.

After about an hour of caressing with silk, kissing her pretty much everywhere except her pussy, I lifted her knees up.

Moving between her legs I kissed the inside of her thighs from knee to almost there.

The third time she was writhing with expectation.

I was sure she had never been kissed on the pussy and decided that I had to try without asking if she wanted it.

As I closed in, she yelled 'yes please', no further response needed.

I licked the puffed up outer lips and she writhed.

Dropping loads of saliva onto her slit, I eased in a finger to the first knuckle and opened up to see the inner lips also looking quite delicately puffy.

I kissed her along the crack, both sides at the same time, then all around the outside.

I pushed my tongue into the crack a little way and slid it up towards her clit.

When I got there she physically jumped which shook me.

My arms moved under her legs and took up positions so that I could massage each nipple.

The tongue had another go at her clit and she warmed to the sensation with a 'that is really lovely - don't stop'

I tongue flicked her clit and massaged the nipples in unison.

As soon as I felt she could cope with the surprise and the intensity of the feeling, I started to kiss her clit quite firmly and then sucked it.

Having found what got the best response I gave it a good 5-6 minutes of hard tongue on clit - the clit got bigger and really poked out.

She started to yell and I noted it was pleasure not pain, so persisted.

After another round of flicking and sucking her engorged clit, she started to writhe in a pulsating orgasm.

She shook and shook and shook.

She tried to sit up but her breasts were held in my hands, so she yelled out 'so that is what it is all about'

I withdrew and lowered her knees.

I rolled her on her side and spooned my hard dick between her legs and wound an arm around and cupped a tit.

She sighed and moaned and went quite foetal, then bursts into a fit of uncontrolled giggles.

Finally, she told me that my sister had recommended 'giving me a try'.

We drifted off to sleep, she being satiated and me being rather pleased with the extensive foreplay which worked quite well.

She must have gone for a pee because an hour so later she was facing me and one hand was fondling my dick quite nicely.

As soon as I realised what was happening, I rolled her on her front and told her to kneel.

She was very compliant, but I had to part her knees quite a way, her hips were too big for me to straddle and reach her cunt with my dick.

I was rock hard and nudged her cunt lips with my dick, she was obviously surprised. Her cunt was quite wet and smelled wonderful.

After a little to-ing and fro-ing I really started to engage and she gasped as I filled her space up with hard flesh.

She clearly relished the penetration.

I grabbed her hips and started to take full advantage of the fact that it was my turn.

After about 5 minutes of pumping she cried aloud that I was to push very hard, so I did.

I gave her a good fucking and she yelled with excitement as she came again, this time I felt her cunt close down on my dick.

As soon as I started pumping again she was really tight and I came very easily.

I pushed her down on her tummy and kneeled down over her, I could have just rammed her arse but it was enough for one evening.

She shook some more and then just clung on to me, stroking everything.

She kissed me all over my face and I wondered if she would go south but it was not going to happen.

We dozed off again, and it was light when she woke me up again and kissed me quite hard.

I fondled her tits and started to let one hand creep down to her pussy but she could not take any more.

She slipped on a large t-shirt and announced that I was about to have a wonderful breakfast.

I showered and dressed.

We were supposed to have a family lunch on the Sunday, but she didn't want to go with the inane grin that never left her face all morning.

Eventually we decided to take 2 cars and arrive independently.

My sister took one look at Brenda and winked at me.

After lunch I was supposed to drive back home but I went back to her house for supper and another night in bed with Brenda who was very enthusiastic and asked loads of questions about why I had done what I had done.

She wanted to become a sex bomb overnight.

We talked over supper about oral, bumfucking, ringing and I suggested she get a vibrator.

She was so taken with a good fuck and begun to realise what she had been missing.

That night we showered together so she could wash my dick thoroughly.

She wanted me to teach her to suck dick having never done it.

It was a strange scenario as she had no idea what was sensitive or might hurt.

At one point she got so enthusiastic crunching my balls, that I yelled in pain.

Delighfully she kissed them better then complained they were hairy!

We spent a lot of the night exploring options but stopping and starting.

I didn't mind because the whole process was quite fun.

Her crowning moment was persuading me to do 69 and becoming very forceful with my dick and nearly suffocating me - as I gasped for air, she cunt farted in my face and rolled off me in a heap of giggles.

She was very sorry but could not stop laughing !

Eventually we snoozed and I woke her up by kissing her pussy, but she just said 'poke me'

So I gave her a long and hard fuck, which she relished and egged me on, wanting to come again.

She didn't, but I did, with great force and probably bruised her cervix along the way!

The next morning I had to leave quite early and she just kept saying 'thank you'.

We phoned a few times but by the time I could get back she had found a new man and introduced me as the bloke who woke up her body !