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I got dumped
Sheila was a plump girl a couple of years older than me.

She favoured old fashioned lacy lingerie which seemed strange at the time.

We indulged in pleasant sex over several months, she just liked to be fucked, but rarely came.

After a while a car load went to Aberdeen for a wedding, actually several cars were involved but Sheila travelled with me in my friend's car.

We lost the old shatter type windscreen along the way and drove with a sheet of polythene over the hole.The journey before motorways was quite long winded.

For reasons I will never fathom, Shiela decided to be quite awkward about almost everything.

It seemed she was just picking a fight over anything and everything.

We were supposed to be sharing a hotel room and I wondered how that would pan out.

On arrival we had a very boozy evening.

A guy called John that worked at the same company as me was at the party and he had a reputation for struggling to find pliable women.

Around 10pm he approached me and asked if it would be all OK if Sheila bunked in with him.

I was amazed.

They had only met that evening, John was not going to be picky and Sheila was looking to dump me.

So I congratulated him and slept alone,

I never saw Sheila again, but John routinely reported that they were doing well together.

Eventually they married and I moved to another company.