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A big surprise and wonderful
After the Jane experience (Freckles and huge tits) I was without a girlfriend for a while.

I had to deliver something back to Jane's flat in North London and found the only person at home was Sue, one of 3 flatmates.

She had a reputation but I never saw any sign of promiscuous behaviour.

We agreed that neither of us had anything to do all evening and so I invited her out to supper.

She was 5'8" with a slim figure, long legs and a pert pair of tits.

Having changed into something 'comfortable' she joined me in the Jag and we went to the West End and ate at my favourite Bistro around the corner from my old flat.

After supper it seemed natural to drive back to my flat, only a couple of streets away.

We had coffee and chatted about all sorts of things.

I never made an offer to take her home.

About 11.15 she said 'it is getting late', I expected to pick up her bag as though to leave but she just took my hand and led me into my own bedroom.

We kissed a while, she was very firm but pliable.

As things moved along she stood up and just removed her dress and bra.

She looked at me in the dim light, smiled and slid her thumbs into her panties and then stepped out of them.

Finally she slid into bed leaving me me fully dressed and sitting on the bed.

I swiftly stripped and slid in beside her.

There was no word, just consummate pleasure in each other.

She was a skilled lover and I felt that we actually made love rather than just fucked.

It seemed to go on for ages and I must have been inside her for over an hour while she writhed and moaned with pleasure.

The whole process was gentle and measured.

She eventually had a noisy orgasm, her body rocking with pleasure.

Then she grabbed my head and said 'pump me' so I did, in full fury, I rammed as hard as I could and she kept saying 'more', 'more'.

When I came she slapped my bum and yelled 'good man - I needed that'.

As my cock finallly shrunk away we just crashed into a deep sleep, totally satisfied, satiated even.

In the morning I awoke to her slithering down the bed to take my cock in her mouth.

I touched her to make her turn around and buried my face in her pussy.

The bush was soft and blonde like her hair.

She tasted wonderful.

We worked each other for what seemed ages - this was a fuck!

Her movements became more aggresive and I realsied that she was getting very excited.

She pounded my cock with one hand and squeezed my balls with the other whilst sucking hard on the head of my cock.

A really hard squeeze seemed to mean she was about to come so I shot my load into her throat.

Her body convulsed tumultuosly and she yelled really quite loud.

I threw back the bedclothes and she leered at me with white spunk on her lips, while her body continued to after shock with the orgasm.

She slid up to spoon with me, holding my cock between her legs.

She dozed off and I lay there thinking 'what a wonderful girl'.

I awoke to find her showered and getting dressed, in her bra and panties she was brushing her hair and then applied lipstick.

I got out of bed and kissed her neck.

She stood and turned and hugged me really tight.

Looking up at me she said, that was all wonderful and so unexpected.

When we went for supper it never occurred to me we might fuck and it was so much nicer than that.

Nobody knows what we have done and I want to keep this a big secret - Jane would kill me if she knew that I had made love to you.

Can we agree it was a wonderful experience and never let on ??

I reluctantly agreed and she said 'thank you'

Then she added 'I don't expect to have a nicer night than that for a long while'.

And again 'thank you'.

She kissed me firmly and said she would tube home, but I persuaded her that we could drive and drop her around the corner from her flat, so noone would see her get out of my large car.

She was the best one night stand - just the best.