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The Secretary 2 - sex at 100mph +
We went to see the company who did our advertising.

Usually we managed to stay the night.

Driving along I put my hand on her knee and slowly worked it up to her lips.

For some reason she was very excited and her labia were really very swollen.

Feeling her with my fingers was just amazing, she had these soft lips way oversize and in betwen a nice slithery juice.

She eventually made it as I tickled her clit, but I feel she resisted it as long as possible to get the best result.

Driving back we were on the A45 going too fast (an XJS) and she unzipped my fly and latched onto my cock with her mouth.

She seemed determined to make me come while we drove and my left hand found it's way down her back to let my fingers come inside her pussy from behind.

Just as I am about to spurt in the fast lane we pass a lorry and I note the guy pick up his CB microphone while he looks down at MCs arse which is mooning at him.

We finally get her heaving and she makes me come at 145mph - shockingly awesome.