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Shaved and raw on the hillside
I worked with a guy (Tom) who was a randy little Welshman.

He was married to a staunch Catholic Irish girl who thought sex was only for procreation.

Tom liked the girls but had low horizons.

If a lady was willing so was he.

Big or small, fair of ugly, he was happy to oblige.

A competent engineer, he spent his days checking out every new woman he met.

He introduced me to Sue, a plain Welsh girl, married but adventurous.

Sue liked tall men.

Her husband was shorter than she was.

Sue openly told me she wanted to fuck me.

As a foursome - the other girl's name escapes me we drove up to the Garth, a hillside favoured by lovers near Ruabon.

We turned out the beer and sandwiches onto two rugs and proceeded to undress.

Sue was the first to be naked.

She had recently shaved her pubes and had startling razor rash.

However that did not affect her intent to ride on my hard dick while she straddled over me.

She came twice and then said it was my turn.

Eventually I succumbed, but it was a very un-sexy afternoon.

As a corollary to this tale, Tom took another foursome up the Garth a month later.

The other guy died on the job!

The police were very discreet and the manner of the bloke dying was never explained to his wife !