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I was in my new flat in London and knew very few people beyond my 3 flat mates.

They had busy social lives and I wanted to fuck.

In desperation one weekend I phoned a hooker whose number I found somehow.

An appointment was made for 2.30pm on a saturday afternoon.

She worked out of a block of flats only a few hundred yards away from my W1 home.

Upon arrival at the door, I knocked and an elderly lady answered the door - I was somewhat surprised but was ushered in.

She muttered something about 'had I come to see Valerie?'

I said yes and she held out her hand for money.

I paid and was then shown into a small bedroom with red lighting and a small bed with a bedside table unit.

Moments later 'Valerie' came in wearing an expensive matching bra and knickers, relatively unusual that soon after rationing had ended.

She instructed me to slide off my trousers and sat me down on the edge of the bed.

Then she produced a Pifco vibrator - (google it)

She held the vibrator against the side of my dick and switched on.

It was set to maximum effect.

I went hard almost instantly and was in danger of coming.

She let go and slid off her panties, grabbed a finger full of vaseline from a jar on the side table and lubricated her bald pussy.

She then lay on the bed on her back, legs akimbo and motioned me to insert my willy.

I slid straight in with very little friction but of course I was ready.

She would not let me get inside her bra, which pissed me off, because I am a tit man.

I pumped her good and hard and came very quickly.

Having disengaged, she handed me a couple of tissues and told me to dress and bugger off.

I must have been in and out her flat in less than 15 minutes.

Then I worried about catching something but that is another tale.