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She lived in a windmill
I bought a house near my new job to save commuting an hour each way every day.

The property belonged to a girl, Leslie, who had recently lost her father.

She didn't need a 4-bedroom house and sold it to me.

Her new home was a windmill about 5 miles away.

For a reason that I cannot remember I had to call at the windmill.

We chatted for ages and she eventually said 'come back for dinner' another day.

Arrangements were made and I tipped up with a couple of bottles of wine a few days later.

We had a scrap meal and it was clear she just wanted to go to bed.

I let on that I had a night pass and could stay over.

She dragged me by one hand up one floor and undressed me.

Pulling back the bed clothes, she ordered me into bed, I lay there with my dick rigid in the air.

She turned her back and stripped, slipping a baby doll nightie over her top half.

When she turned back she was grinning with sheer delight at the sight of my dick.

She kneeled beside me and took a full mouthful.

Having covered me in saliva, she sat on top of me facing away.

She rode me gently for ages and as the excitement rose she eventually had a body shaking come.

It was completed by her leaning forward on her hands which clasped my ankles and pumping her pussy violently on my cock.

I came with a series of stong spurts feeling quite strange at her remoteness.

She slid off and lay beside me, spooned with her bum pressed against my now shrivelled dick.

We slept.

We never kissed.

During the night she made me hard again and slid me in from behind.

Once she got really excited she went up on her knees and told me to fuck her hard doggy style.

I complied and came first but managed to maintain the momentum until she came and she said 'lovely!'.

She collapsed with me on top and did not want me to move off.

When I awoke the next day she was towelling herself down and presenting her front in a big mirror.

She slipped on a fashionable shift and offered me bacon and eggs.

I showered and we ate breakfast.

When I visited for the next time, she said because I was married she did not want to see me fucking her.

But as soon as we started to kiss and get randy she forgot about this foible and I had her again and again over the next few months.

She eventually found a single boyfriend and we saw no more of each other.