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Finnish Freya
I visited Finland 2-3 times a year to sell things for the company that employed me.

Booze was sold in government shops and pubs/bars were dens of iniquity in the common view.

In one of them I met this ravishing blonde, she was tall and very curvy, definitely a bit older than me.

Her English was good and we found it easy to chat.

After a couple of drinks she suggested we went somewhere better.

You cannot drive in Finland if you had alcohol so we took a taxi.

It always worried me when the taxi instructions were in a foreign language.

We landed up at a block of apartments not so far from my hotel.

Going inside, it is obvious that she has taken me home.

She lived alone in a modest but well appointed flat on the 3rd floor.

The place is immaculately clean and tidy.

She pours us each a drink and we sit on her sofa.

We discuss serendipitous meetings, people with instant attraction and common interests.

After a short while she just says, 'why are we wasting time ?'

I agree that it isn't the best idea, so she takes my hand, stands up and leads me off to the bedroom.

It was obvious for a while that it was going to happen but it is always nice when it really does !!

She reaches up and kisses me, pushing her tits against me and rolls backwards on to the bed, high heels clatter on the wooden floor.

Her legs go around my back, she is kissing quite hard and then pushes me back.

'Too many clothes' she says and rolls off the bed, pulling her sweater over her head, the very full red bra is in my face as I sit entranced.

She unzips and slides off her pencil skirt and displays matching red brief panties.

Now I know why she wore a huge fur coat - she wasn't even wearing stockings.

She cocks her head on her side - why am I just sitting there ?

I stand and strip off, as my socks come off she is sliding down her panties and then finally unclips the front loading bra.

Her tits look at me, the bra seems almost unnecessary - they are firm, point straight forwards and are the very best shape with distinct nipples.

She throws back the doonha and pulls me onto the bed.

Now she is naked, her body seems to want to touch mine wherever it can.

She does a wonderful job of making me feel very excited.

She is clearly very experienced in vanilla love making and I am in heaven.

I do my best to make her feel good and use every bit of my experience to awaken her body.

Her tits are mesmerising and I realise that the nipples are like switches.

Just touching them she likes, but sucking them puts her into a moaning mode.

Eventually I find my self lying on my back, she is stradding my thighs and stroking my dick with a huge smile on her face.

Her eyes widen and she sits up to slide onto me, taking it very slowly she eventually pushes me all the way in.

Leaning forward she kisses me and I grab her nipples and start to squeeze them in my own special way.

Squealing with excitement she starts to gyrate on my willy. Not up and down like everyone else but a sort of figure of eight movement.

Later she tells me she is winding up her clit against my pubic bone.

This new experience goes on for quite a long while, she is getting more and more excited and then it happens - she bursts into a banshee yell and shakes all over for a minute or two.

The jerking body is making her tits jump about and her eyes are screwed up with the orgasmic pressure.

She opens her eyes, says 'thank you' and starts to pump up and down - now it is my turn.

She tightens her cunt going up and opens it again going down. The tits are all over the place.

Seemingly able to follow what I am feeling she suddenly speeds up and holding my arms down with her hands she pumps like crazy and I come like there is no tomorrow.

She yells 'yes, yes, yes - you made it.'

It was inevitable - who wouldn't ??

She went back to the figure of eight movement for a while - quite slowly and as I shrunk she lowered herself to my side and snuggled againt me.

Without a further word she was alseep.

Several hours later, I was awoken by 2 cups of coffee and these wonderful tits right in my face.

She sat on the bed and talked about hpow much pleasure she had the night before.

I found it difficult because she hade me feel like never before.

She had the gift of sexual give and take.

I went back quite a few times.

I always stayed with her and had a series of mind blowing sessions after dinner out on my unused hotel expenses.

I still think Finnish girls are the best lovers, combining the reputation of French women, the attention to detail of Chinese ladies and the fervour of Italians.