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Lay-by heaven
We had been out to lunch at a favourite pub.

It was a sunny afternoon and I took a back road home.

On the way Lesley told me to stop in a layby. We wandered off into the bushes and she said the ground was a bit damp. So I went back to the car for my large waterproo jacket and laid it on the grass only a few yards from the layby.

We stood and kissed. Lesley pushed me down and lay on top of me. She kissed some more and then was undoing my jeans.

She pulled them down and I thought she was going to sit on me.

To my surprise she popped my willy straight in her mouth and it felt lovely. She told me later that it wasn't hard enough to sit on.

Her combined tongue, lips and hands were like magic. I very quick realised two things. She was detemined to make me come and I was so aroused it was inevitable.

Something she was doing caused a huge response from my dick and it was the most exquiisite sensation that I have had in years.

It took no time at all for me to stream into her mouth and she was dripping cum as she moved up to kiss my face again.

I couldn't stop telling her how wonderful that felt. I was still talking about it weeks later