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It was not long after we first fucked that Lesley developed a preference for riding me like a cowgirl.

Sitting on top of my hard prick witha G&T is a great start.

The process has developed in time to a fine art, she will use lots of liquid silk and vary the angles and movement in lots of different ways. She takes a great pleasure in doing exactly what she wants to stimulate a strong vaginal orgasm. Slow, fast, shallow, deep - all the variations are there.

It has become a reliable way for her to realise a nice orgasm and occasionally I have to slow her down to prevent me from coming too early.

Suffice it to say this is a regular and very satisfying way to fuck, if we are on a quickie she occasionally makes me come.

Some while ago she decided to turn around early on and face away from me in the traditional reverse cowboy position.

The view is lovely. She has a substantial but wonderfully curved bum, the prettiest little anus and the added joy of me being able to see me going in and out.

She came up with a new version that I have not seen elsewhere - she leans right forward and does the splits. So all I see is a pumping arse, long legs and a wanton anus.

Sometimes I cream her back hole and slide a finger in. She likes that.

An extra delight is that because she is leaning well forward, her nipples brush up and down my legs while she pumping.

Over the months she has done a lot of this, sometimes after coming just to give me added pleasure.

The position gives a tighter pussy and looks wonderful.

So imagine her surprise a while back when she was entertaining me by writhing very low down and holding my feet.