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Planned quickie
A while back I had an empty house for about an hour or so, not less but might be more.

Lesley came to visit so that we were discussing business by the time the hour started.

As soon as the house was clear, I kissed her and found that her bra-less nipples were just a couple of buttons away.

We moved into my lounge and I covered the sofa with a Mexican rug in case we dripped !
I had planned it very carefully so I could anticipate what was going to happen.

I dropped my jeans and sat on the sofa, my erection popping out from under my shirt.

Lesley stood in front of me and slowly pulled up her wide skirt and black petticoat to reveal that she was not wearing panties as I had asked. The stockings ended low down on black suspenders.

Her legs were wide apart and her juicy pussy was rampant, with engorged lips, wide open with lots of pink showing - she was very wet.

The sight of such a wanton and willing partner was electrifying.

I gave myself a quick lube with liquid silk and she slid that quim right down on me but very slowly.

Now she is on her knees on the sofa and has her hands on my shoulders - she starts to pump very slowly - it feels wonderful, I have been waiting for 24 hours since we planned this.

As she speeds up I realise that I am going to struggle to withold coming, I am very hard, my prostate is singing and she is moaning while she kisses me and bobs up and down.

Quite suddenly she start to move much more quickly and cums like a train - she too has been anticipating.

I ask her to resume pumping and very quickly cum too, my prostate is almost painful with the delight.

We collapse in a heap of giggles and tell each other how good we are at this !

After a quick cleanup we drive down to the pub, both faces grinning and have a cheap lunch and a drink. Later she drops me off and I realise that this was a perfect quickie.