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My current relationship is in it's tenth year. Some of the fun is just little things happening that I enjoy remembering. But they are not worth a story place here. So this is a list of snippets - short paragraphs about the fun things in our dealings together.

On an occasion when we were away in a hotel, Lesley smeared liquid silk all over my bum whilst I lay face down. Having massaged my bum cheeks and made me feel quite good she started to use her pussy to rub my bum. This was just lovely and eventually she had a searing and very noisy orgasm. I do so like being an object of pleasure.

More recently we were in a bit of a hurry and having torn off each others clothes were in her bed. She jumped on top of me and started to dry hump my half hard willy. She seemed quite determined and I was waiting for her to stop and apply liquid silk.
She started to be even more intense and suddenly had a massive orgasm. As she was coming she burst into a fit of giggles - magical.

Moments later she slid down my body and grabbed my willy, and after a quick pump plunged it into her mouth.
She does something special when I am not too hard and it is just an amzing feeling. I believe that the softer willy is not so invasive and doesn't quite fill her up.
I yelled that the sensation was astounding, she persisted for a short while and then I pumped all of it into her mouth with a loud groan.
Both she and I had cum within seconds and now we rolled together and held each other very tightly while we giggled like kids.
Wonderful !

More recently we were in a local hotel and I had been promised some pampering. This is usually a foot massage and rather one sided sex.
She undressed me and slid off her skirt and shirt revealing a soft black bra and plain silky panties.
Pushing me down on the bed she jumped on top and kissed me very enthusiastically. Then I realised she was rubbing my dick with her pussy and still had her panties on.
There was no stopping her. She pounded up and down kissing me deeply and gripping me tightly with both hands. Quite quickly she came with a lot of heavy pounding of my dick and noisy yells about how good it was. She collapsed on top of me, giggling and muttered that she must have been pleased to see me !
Dining room
I was at Lesley's house one day and we were suddenly alone. The family all disappeared for about an hour.
She dragged me into her dining room and closed the door - this meant she might hear someone coming back in time for us to look innocent.

She grabbed me held me close kissed me hard and lunged for my jeans, the belt was undone and they were forced down to my ankles.
She stood back pointed at a chair and yelled 'sit down'.
She knelt down in front of me and grabbed my willy which quickly disappeared into her mouth.

A very energetic and surprisingly exciting minute or two later I was pumped and sucked into wondrous oblivion.
Knowing that the stream must be sucked in to avoid any evidence made it even more effective.

I am so lucky.
On her knees
This is a very special position and is not the familiar doggy style.
Lesley is amazingly flexible for a mature girl and she can kneel on a bed with her head right down which displays her beautiful pussy when I am behind her.
If I get the bed height right, I can insert while she keep her knees together.
This is an intense sensation which is easy for me to view while it is going on.
A special thing is being able to have only my willy in contact with her.
At a small hotel in Leeds I realised the bed was too high but one of the sofas in the suite was just right.
I asked her to get out of bed and get on the sofa.
She knew what was coming, lots of cream and then me pushed inside her hard.
I pumped until I came and she thanked me !
Lesley always dresses for me.
She met me once at her front door in a shortie nightie and a smile - no knickers.
On another occasion she met me fresh out of the shower in a silky dressing gown - it felt so good.
She often meets up in a buttoned blouse with a scarf to cover the fact that her bra-less nipples are visible through the fabric together with a wide skirt and no knickers.
Black suspenders and stockings are a luxury of the colder weather.
She has moved on from padded, underwired bras to a soft bra especially for me - sometimes none at all.
She has some some lovely wicked weasel thongs and even a silky pair of backless frontless panties.
Lesley loves being kissed on her pussy.
She took some time to appreciate that it was a good idea.
One day I tackled it very slowly and persisted until she started to have little jerks and finally had an explosive clitoral cum.
After that we arranged a good close up examination when we had the time to laze about - this is because all pussies are different !
Lesley has a VERY sensitive clit but it is small and well shrouded, it rarely becomes visible.
Sometime after the first success, she was kissing and sucking my bits and I asked het to turn around so I vcould kiss her pussy at the same time - 69 ! She was very close to making me

come and had not realised how effectively I was working her clit. Suddenly she burst into a yell and came with great force - the surprise making her giggle a lot.
On another occasion she was sitting on my face, hands clutching the bed head and came very quickly - she says this one of the best positions for her.