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Green sofa
I do like surprises - giving and taking !

I invited Lesley to lunch and asked her to wear a wide skirt.

She tipped up suitably dressed and she was ready to whisk me off to the pub.

I dragged her into my lounge and grabbed hold of her, plying her with kisses and generally groping her body.

Because she was wearing my preferred soft bra, no padding or wires, I could get both thumbs working on her nipples which are directly connected to her pussy.

She just loves the attention.

I made her sit down on the end arm of my sofa where I had earlier placed a couple of cushions on the seat.

Grabbing her hands I let her lean back until she was arched over the sofa arm, her head on the seat and pussy uppermost.

She beagan to realise what what happening as I ran my fingers up inside her skirt.

Rarely wearing panties, she was already quite gleaming wet and pushing up her skirt I knelt between her legs.

Kissing her thighs and working my way up to that nirvana, she groaned as soon as I just touched a swollen lip.

I quietly plunged my face into her pussy and slid my hands up to her boobs inside her clothes.

It didn't take long - she started to jerk almost right away and by the time my tongue got up to her clit she was writhing.

I wiggled her quite quickly and she came in a great rush, yelling at me to stop because she was so sensitive.

I didn't, but she managed to lean up and pull my head away.

She collapsed on the sofa in loud continuous giggles, because she had rolled over I could see her wet pussy was glowing between those lovely cheeks.

Eventually we went for lunch - she had the biggest smile on her face for the next hour !