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Better blow job
Lesley is a wonderful lover. She enthusiastically follows my 'give and take' mantra.

This means that sometimes when I am really horny she will happily pull me in and fuck me with great intensity expecting me to cum quickly without concern for her own enjoyment. She just knows that next time she will be caressed and cuddled until she cums several times.

Over the years she has perfected the one-sided blow job. She insists that she enjoys giving head and I am careful to not push my dick in or pull her head towards me.

Recently is a great example. She has just ridden me cowgirl style and cum with lots of laughing while I lay on my back. It is not all one-sided - when she stops pumping I use my hips to move in and out.

After a short interlude of close hugging she slides down my body and kisses my thighs.

My knees are pushed up and she settles between my legs.

Her tongue is licking the back of my balls.

She blows up my arse and the cold air feels lovely.

Her hand and mouth are all wet with saliva and she is working my willy with great skill.

She grabs a handfull of liquid silk and rubs my anus. After a good deal of slithering around a finger works it way up my bum.

The concert has started, the finger is massaging my prostate.

Her lips are slurping over the head of my willy and her hand is both pumping and rotating.

She starts quite slow but works up to a strong action.

The feeling is exquisite.

Multiple sensations and I am lying there just relishing being sorted.

I usually come after a minute or two.

I can be very loud and she laughs at me.

She is really great at sucking my willy until it has finished. The finger exits my bumhole very slowy for maximum impact - wonderful.

Then she looks up at me and her hand slowly slithers up and down until I yell at her that it is too much - she giggles and always immediately kisses me.

Her head is then rested on my shoulder as she lies alongside asking me if it was good enough!

My body is singing with all those willy tubes making themselves known.

All I can think about is how good it feels and of course now I owe her one !