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Lesley - the brown sofa
My studio had a bed and several sofas all available for use behind closed doors.

On this occasion I was sitting on the brown sofa, a gift from the local thrift store, and my lovely Lesley came over and kneeled on top of me.

We kissed for a while and she got quited worked up and I was very hard.

She stood up, undid my belt and spulled my jeans down to my knees.

I ran my hands up inside her skirt and slipped my fingers in the top of her panties. In one movement they were at her ankles and she stepped out of them.

Lesley then resumed her position kneeling over me and slowly works my dick into her wet pussy.

All quite straightforward and rather good. BUT, on this occasion an added bonus.

Right in front of us was a wall mirror - like you see on dance floors. 5 big mirrors.

So in addition to being lovingly pumped, I dragged her skirt up and was presented with a wonderful view.

Her arse all naked in the mirror surrounded by black suspender straps holding up sheer black stockings.

As she moved I could see myself going in and out - the light picking up my wet willy.

I drew here attention to the delightful view and looking over her shoulder she says 'how sexy does that look ?'

Reverting to kissing me quite forcibly she speeds up and is clearly about to climax. I realise that I am also close and as she starts to yell, I pump my stream hard into her pussy.

The visual clue is still used to remind us of the first mutual cum. Just delightful !