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Lesley sorts a softie
We had an afternoon with no company so planned to be in bed.

Lesley had been warned that I planned to undress her slowly.

Sitting on my bed, I unzip the knee high black boots and slide them off.

Unusually she is wearing tights and I ask her to stand so I can slide my fingers up her legs and slip them into the waistband, before sliding the ugly garment to the floor.

Now I have earlier opened a curtain and stand Lesley in front of a full length wardrobe mirror so I can see her when standing behind her. She doesn't notice a second cheval mirror placed to watch her back.

My fingers slide under her arms and unbutton the soft cashmere cardigan and slip it off.

Her skirt is elastic at the waist and easily slides down the black full length slip.

I run my hands down the slip until I find the bare skin of her legs and then back up again to seek out those silky plain black knickers. My fingers go in the waistband and into the panties so I can whoosh them straight to the floor.

She is not very happy about staring in the mirror at herself but I am loving the well lit view which she is patiently letting me slowly reveal what I will be getting very close to momentarily.

Back to the hem of the long black slip and it is up and over her head in a trice.

Now there is only the form hugging slightly transparent very soft black bra which she wears especially for me. I slide my hands under her arms and cup those firm pointy breasts. See has permanently erect nipples and no droop in her tits at all.

My fingers trace around the straps of the pretty little bra and arrive at the catch which I undo. My hands go inside the cups and squeeze her nipples - she is surprised but loves them being tweaked. The black bra is slid down her arms and falls to join the pile of clothes on the floor.

She steps away and I tell her to warm up the bed while I go to the loo. While I am there I strip myself and then back to the bedroom to find Lesley with a big grin on her face and dying of anticipation.

We cuddled and kissed for nearly an hour, fingers everywhere.

Then she jumped on me and pushed me on my back. I am only half hard.

She moves down my body kissing me all the way, because I am softish it goes all the way right in her mouth which she can't manage when I am really hard.

A few moments later I am amazed at the sensations coming from my dick. Because she has a full mouth and very active tongue the feeling is exquisite.

I realise that she has me totally in her control and the sap is rising as she sucks me quite hard but with great care.

It feels like I am coming all the time she works me and then there is a huge surge at the end.

Everything goes inside and I am giggling helplessly and muttering 'Oh Fuck', 'FUCKING HELL' !

She looks me in the eye and smiles with great satisfaction - she just knows that I am entirely in her control and she is loving it.

The perfect give and take lady !