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A day in bed with Lesley and another 'first'
We had the joy of a day together alone and in private.

Lelsley arrived about 10am and was clearly ready for bed.

We went upstairs and slowly undressed each other, once naked we slipped under the doonha and kissed and stroked and cuddled.

After about an hour, Lesley rolled on her back and pulled me on top of her.

She whispered that I had to be inside her. I creamed up my willy with liquid silk and slithered inside.

Her knees went up and formed that perfect 'fuckme W'.

I was slippeing quietly in and out and she seemed to need more, so I lifted her legs onto my shoulders which allows me to reach her cervix as we are almost the same size.

With 3 pillows under head and her legs folded right up she was resting her feet on the headboard - amazing for a mature girl.

I pumped her really hard and slowly built up the speed. After quite a long time I was worn out and she had not come as I expected, usually it happens very easily.

We moved so her legs came down and then we lay on our sides facing each other me still inside.

Her face was a picture, we were all wet because, as she said, 'I squirted'.

I hugged her in delight, she had only had the feelings before, never a proper rush of liquid.

We basked in being wet together, her face was a continuous smile and I was feeling really good as we have waited a long time for this momentous 'first'.