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Tit for tat
It was a lovely afternoon.

I was at Lesley's house for quite another reason.

Suddenly we realise that the house is empty of family for a couple of hours.

A grinning Lesley grabs my hand and pulls me upstairs.

I have an old sweater on with holes and am wearing a jacket to hide the grotty jumper.

When we get to her room, she wants to go to the loo. While I am waiting I strip to the waist and remove my shoes and socks.

She re-appears in bra and panties and laughs at me in my jeans.

I get told to get them off and get into bed.

Lesley jumps on top of me and almost immediately the kisses are accompanied by her rubbing her pussy on my dick which is only half hard.

I become aware that the silky panties are soft and feel rather nice and I am awaiting her to stop so we can get the panties off and get her lubed up.

But she is not stopping !

The dry humping becomes very energetic and she is breathing with great puffs.

Suddenly there is a huge explosion of giggling and she comes like a train. I hold her very tight and we are both aware that was an unusual happening.

Moments later she has slid down my body and grabbed my willy. It still is not very hard because I am always antsy in her bed.

She gives me a quick rub and plunges it into her mouth. When I am soft it all goes in and her tongue has more room to be very energetic.

Almost immediately I realise that she has got me exactly where we both want to be and I yell at her to keep doing what is just so good.

After a very short time, maybe 45 secs, I fill her mouth with cum and beg her to let me rest.

She worms her way up my body and we lie facing each other with huge grins.

I said that I was surprised that she had not finished undressing and she said that it was going too well to stop. She must have climaxed in less than a minute.

Less than 5 minutes after we went upstairs to her bed we were both enjoying that wonderful post-cum feeling and giggling about how quick it had all been.

Getting worried about security I persuaded her we should dress and go downstars but we were still smiling an hour later.

The next day we had coffee and marvelled at the whole event.