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We found a new way to cum ...
Often when we are making love, I find it quite difficult to not come and save my orgasm until the end of the session.

Occasionally I don't manage it well enough and I just let it all happen, but of course I am then useless for an hour or so.

So long as I only take this liberty now and again it is met with great enthusiasm. Lesley puts extra effort in to make my cum as good as it can get. Sometimes she even yells with me when I let out a 'fuckin' hell'.

But this time we had a normal series of multi-position fucks over several hours.

She always has at least one searing orgasm, often with major and long winded after-shocks.

Lesley then took me in hand. Lots of Liquid Silk and I was putty in her hands. A slimy finger went up my arse and I was in heaven.

There was quite a lot of willy wanking and some quite deep fingering, but I was beginning to wonder if I was going to come.

Quite suddenly she was just holding my willy in one hand and the other had taken up a new movement.

The long delicate finger was pounding my prostate and it seemed to go mega sensitive, I never felt that level of excitement before.

Then it happened, I was covered in spunk all over my chest, the prostate massage had made me cum without any other stimulation. The orgasm was very intense and Lesley knew something unusual had happened.

We clasped each other together and mutually giggled with delight.