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We finally made it
Earlier this week we were in my bed having taken off each others clothes quite quickly.

We had about 3 hours to writhe and grind naked under the doonha.

It seemed as though we kissed for about 2 and a half hours without any overt sexual contact, maybe a squeezed nipple or a caressed willy, but no pussy licking or anything like that.

In the last half hour I was just light touching the outside of her pussy when she became quite animated.

After quite a lot of pussy massage she begged me to go inside. I obliged and she was very excited.

She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me in time and time again. Her nails were stuck deep in my arse as she piulled me towards her.

Eventually she came like a train and then giggled profusely, I had become a bit soft and fell out before I could join her.

We lay alongside each other and she excitedly told me she had squirted twice while I was banging away. This is a holy grail and we finally got her to have an augmented orgasm - success !

She then took my collapsed willy and using her magic fingers quite quickly made me come, I just don't know why she is so good at that.