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Lesley finds another way to cum
We had planned to meet at my house on a Saturday after Lesley finished prepping for a trip.

She had a duty call at her mother's house and moved on to park in my garage so the neighbours would not notice the car.

The dress was the same as yesterday, a soft blue and white print with floor length skirt. I had noticed the thin straps of her soft white bra and wondered about the rest of her underwear.

A quick kiss and a body-long grope revealed a slithery slip and no knickers - lovely.

We kissed a lot, soft and hard and both of us had hands all over the other. After a while she took my hand and dragged me upstairs off my king sized bed.

I made a quick removal of watch, necklace, spectacles and then I sat her on the bed to slide off her sandals.

My hands wandered up her legs - I love the soft feel of a slippery slip !

After a while I had caressed her legs a lot and was slowly working my way up to heaven. Exploring long full skirts is always exciting.

By now her skirt is well up and I pushed her down so she was lying on the edge of the bed.

I lifted her legs so her knees were up by her shoulders.

I was kneeling on the floor and leaned over her to kiss again several times. Some hard and some soft - as my body brushed hers she was twitching. She clearly had quite a lot of expectation.

I whispered - 'do you want kissing ?' - her eyes lit up and she smiled and then nodded.

Grabbing a pillow for my old knees on the carpet, I slid my hands from ankles to hips.

There was a lot of light leg stroking and her closed eyes could not hide the wanton smile on her face.

Dribbling a little on her pussy, I brushed the bulging inner lips with my wet tongue.

She groaned and twitched again. I very gently started to lick all the exposed parts of her beautifully tasty pussy.

The reaction was immediate, her words slipped out - 'oh that is really nice'.

It is very tempting to lick harder and faster but I had promised myself it would be slow and so gentle that sometimes she would not be quite sure if I was touching or not.

After a few minutes of really gentle slow licking my tongue slipped up the middle of her inner lips and she gasped as I touched the end of her tiny tiny (and very hidden) clit. She is so sensitive it rarely apppears.
It was swollen.

But now she is very excited and her hips are twitching every few seconds, a few gasps of appreciation and the she comes really hard. There is some yelling and her hands push my head way from her mega-sensitive lips.

The appreciative chuckle soon follows - she is delighted that the hornyness has abated a little bit.

She still can't bear me to touch her pussy, but I move her around so she is lying on the bed.

I remove her dress, slip and she rips off her soft bra and collapses back in a lying position.

All her words are about how lovely she feels and that she is grateful for the release, especially in such a deep and quite long orgasm.

But I haven't finished.

Last time we fucked she complained of short foreplay and said she needed more pussy fingering before penetration - we do talk a lot about fucking and she does like to be warmed up!

She is lying on the bed under the doonha and I am naked beside her. I grab a couple of fingers of LS lube and slide my hand down to her recently groomed hairless pussy. She removes hair to keep her vulva smooth and sensitive.

My fingers play in, out and around her vulva for quite a while. Eventually two fingers go inside and start to rub on her G-spot. But she has had enough, can take no more and begs me to rest.

I give her a moment and tell her to roll over so she is on her front - she looks expectantly at me and then closes her eyes. She mutters something about being spoiled.

More LS is squirted in my hand and I rub her bum so it becomes slithery. I push back the bed clothes and expose her beautiful arse, my hand rests on her inside knee and pushes the leg apart. Then the other one.

More LS and my fingers are running up and down her crease. My index finger circles her rose and I feel it react with pleasure.

There is a lot of sliding about and eventually a finger penetrates a small way. She really likes slow extraction and it takes ages to let the finger slide out.

My finger is in and slowly out a dozen times, she is quite quiet but writhes a little and I know she is liking it.

Then I push deeper and find that little trigger which is so sensitive under the thin wall of her bottom.

She gasps and clearly appreciates the touch. I do it again, curving my finger for longer deeper contact. She moans some more and it seems a but deeper too.

I realise that it is not just nice but she is ready to come again. I gently persist. She is twisting and writhing and yelling with delight. Suddenly it happens and she is yelling loudly again. I know I have to pull out or she will explode with delight.

Her body jerks with pleasure, she giggles again - always when she comes.

She looks at me, smiling and amazed. She never had a bum stimulated orgasm before.

More smiling and she is kissing me deeply.

We stare at each other and kiss again.

A short rest and it is time for her to leave for a late afternoon appointment.

Two hours later her car pulls up and she is back !

We debate - dinner and fuck OR fuck and dinner ?

Neither ! I pour large G&T into ice filled slim jims and we relax to continue the debate.

The gins go down and she says 'hungry ?'.

I reply 'NO!'.

She takes my hand and leads me back upstairs to that king size bed.

Staring at me with intent she removes her spectacles, necklace and watch. I notice the sandals are long gone probably left downstairs.

Her hands reach down and the long dress makes it way up to her head and off.

Somehow the slip was grabbed along the way it is also gone.

No knickers just a that soft white bra which she releases. I slide my thumbs inside the cups and tweak her nipples.

She throws back the bedclothes and leaps into the bed. I strip and join her.

She is warm and soft and kissing me. She has amazing lips, a long tongue and magic fingers, her kisses have always been good.

Suddenly she is kneeling over me and reaching for the LS lube. She grabs a handful, liberally lubes me - her fingers are sliding up and down and I am quite ready.

She slips me inside then engulfs my dick with her pefectly size-matching pussy. There is a lot of up and down going on. She leans down to kiss me again and I use the opportunity to raise my hips and push deep inside her. This sequence is repeated time and again.

Her hand grabs the lube and after some ring massage a finger pushes hard up my bum. It is in and out synchronised with her pumping my dick. Eventually it is too uncomforatable for her twisted arm and we pause.

I instruct her to get on her knees near the side of the bed.

I stand behind her and tell her to get her head down to the sheet so I can see where I am going.

She obliges, her head goes right down and her fingers extend as her gorgeous pussy comes into full view.

I grab my already lubed willy and thrust it in - so good and she always squeezes when we are like that.

There is a lot of both slow and quick rhythmic pumping, she is getting out the words of encouragement - she loves being fucked like this.

After a while I put a pillow under her and push her down flat which makes for a very close body on body feeling. I pump some more but it is a hard place to maintain and eventually I slip out.

I turn her over and move her back to a couple of pillows and jump between her legs, rushing to penetrate yet again.

Her knees come right up and she is folded double, I want her to come. My cock is feeling wonderful and I am reaching the end in that position but not getting enough friction with all the lube and I want to come.

I put her legs back down and together and hold them there with my legs outside hers. I pump a lot more and realise there is now enough stimulation.

She smiles expectantly at me - that is just so exciting.

She is almost laughing and I know the rubbing is enough.

Finally my body heaves with pleasure as I fill her up, she looks ecstatic although she hasn't actually come, she loves the ride.

Eventually I fall off and realise I am shagged out. My body is drained and all the energy has gone. I can't believe what an excitement that all was and Lesley is gleaming with satisfaction.

Often she has to masturbate me to come because we try keep me hard for her pleasure and then there isn't enough friction.

Quite an afternoon !

We had salad in front of the TV and grinned at each other.