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The Secretary 4 - nights away
One of my better decisions in life was to work abroad and when there I left my house equity in a small holiday home in South Wales.

MC and I used to visit on a Friday night, my excuse was just checking that all was OK, but actually it was an opportunity to have an all night fuckaroo.

We would go to Tesco, buy extravagant food and MC would prepare supper while I made sure the cottage was in good shape.

Then we would go to bed and I would lie down on my back and wait.

She often dripped baby lotion on my dick and then just sat on me.

She had a very sensitive G-spot and for some reason in this postion my cock just stroked it nicely.

She could cum to order and would always manage to time it so we did it together.

We would sleep engaged and fall apart during the night.

After a couple of hours I would wake her up and without any word or indication she would roll on her face and push her bum up in the air.

She had the most pert bum I have ever seen on a skinny white woman and the ability to expose her bumhole to view just by lifting up even though her legs were together.

I would then softly lubricate her ring with baby lotion on my finger, add a bit to my cock and then ram it in - she would always come very quickly and sometimes a second time with me.

She once told me that she had dreams about me having two cocks so I could go in both holes at once.

I would awake in the morning to find I was being sucked off but she then would sit on me again as soon as I awoke.

On one of these trips where we started early I managed 7 cums with her in 24 hours. never before or since.