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let my fingers do the walking
We were in my bed and having a good time.

For quite a while Lesley has been nagging me to extend foreplay to fingering her pussy.

I don't know why this has taken so long to become a regular thing. It may be I like lube for fingering but like her lube-free for kissing.

Anyway on this specific occasion she seemed quite horny and my fingering was having a great effect. Eventually she lunged into an enormously powerful orgasm which ran on a fair bit. I had to stop when she dragged my hand away.

We cuddled for ages and then she said 'what did I want' ?

I told her that it was her treat and she asked me to continue to stroke her bum which I had been doing already.

So I got her to lay face down and relax.

I generouly lubed the top of her arse crack, and then pushed her ankles apart with my toe.

Letting the lube drip down her crack, I ran a finger from her neck to the crack. It hovered there for a bit then slowly and ever so gently wandered down to her arsehole.

She was clearly loving the attention and said 'that is just spot on'.

The lone finger wandered quietly up and down the crack for quite a while.

Eventually my finger was concentrating on her ring and she moaned a bit. After quite a lot of round and round caressing I pushed my finger in to the first knuckle. She definitely like that.

Over the next 20 minutes, my finger was going further in by a small amount each time I pushed.

Then of course it was going all the way in.

I had used piles of lube so there was no need to stop and re-lube.

Lesley was moaning and getting really quite excited.

I found myself being very grateful that I polished my nails the night before.

The pumping movement started to speed up and than as she started to groan really quite loud I found that I was being encouraged to push much harder.

She was getting really quite noisy and enjoying every stroke.

I started to push in quite hard and much faster, my finger turned up and wall pressing as it came out.

She was extremely excited but I had the feeling she might come so I persisted even though I wasn't near her clit at all.

The thrusts got really quite hard and even quicker, suddenly she came like a train.

Yelling and writhing and waving her arms about, she begged me to stop which I did eventually.

As she lay there panting she giggled and then laughed out loud, saying 'that was amazing'.

We cuddled some more ans she drifted off to sleep.