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MaryAnn likes me
I lived in Cleveland, Ohio doing research in the early seventies for nearly a year all told.

The city is 90% black and having spent a few days in a hotel I persuaded my expense payer that it would be cheaper to get a flat.

This meant I had funds for a car and got the cheapest rental I could find a little Gremlin.

Winter temperatures are -50C so when you wake in the morning your car tyres are not only flat at the bottom but stay that way until they warm up.

After eating in a posh restaurant one night (only the waiters and me were white) I walked across to a disco called the Last Motion Picture Company.

It was seething and I was the only white face there.

I spotted a girl about 6ft with a beautiful figure, long legs and it was apparent that she was braless.

She seemed to be dancing with several different people and in the end I plucked up the courage to ask.

It went really well, I happen to choose a slow number and she glided onto my body and we shuffled around.

In spite of the noise we talked a lot and I eventually made her come back to the flat for coffee - she was very wary.

Coffee became a large G&T, I had little furniture and no where comfortable to sit.

We stood and drank and drank again after 2 of my gins she said wel,l no sofa, but you must have a bed.

Sure enough no bra, no panties, just dark brown skin all over and the softest muff you could ever find.

We fucked gently and she really seemed to enjoy.

Her bum was one of those black idols that we see occasionally - just perfect.

After some hours she said she had to go but could she come back another night?

Obviously I was keen but then she said it would be after a late shift - about 11pm.

So 2 nights later she comes in and slides into bed.

Nuzzling my face with those exquisite boobs with huge nipples and aurolae like saucers.

Her tits were the stuff of legend not huge but absolutely perfect.

This went on for ages, no supper, no dancing, no drinks, just a nice late fuck - I think she had a family and could get a late sitter.

After a while she started to explore me more and introduced me to the practical benefits of being rimmed, the more I liked it the more she did it - just heaven.

Sometimes she left as I slept.

I fucked her for 7 weeks and then she disappeared, what a shame.

I can still feel her tongue exploring inside me so gently.